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David Rivera, MPA Biography

Former Member of the US House of Representatives (R-FL)
Pro to the question "Should the United States Maintain Its Embargo against Cuba?"

“In 1962, the United States enacted a trade embargo on Cuba due to the Castro regime’s anti-American and anti-democratic actions. The Cuban dictatorship demonstrated overt hostile actions toward democracy and human rights. Fifty years later, while the world around them has changed, and their allies are now Chavista and Mullah instead of Soviet, we see a continuing need for full enforcement of the embargo and other sanctions until free elections, civil liberties and democracy are returned to the Cuban people.”

“Fifty Years Later, Cuban Embargo Demonstrates U.S. Solidarity with Cuban People,” House Committee on Foreign Affairs website, Feb. 7, 2012

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Member, US House of Representatives (R-FL), 2011-2013
  • Member, Florida House of Representatives, 2003-2011
  • Director of Hispanic Outreach, Republican Party of Florida, 1999-2002
  • Worked at Office of Cuba Broadcasting, US State Department, 1991-1999
  • Former campaign manager, Southern Florida, Dole-Kemp 1996 presidential campaign
  • Writer and researcher, Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), 1988-1989
  • Former legislative assistant, US Senator Connie Mack, 1988
  • Former Political Director for Miami-Dade County, FL, Connie Mack’s 1988 Senate campaign
  • Former South Florida Political Director, Jack Kemp’s 1988 presidential campaign
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Florida International University of Policy and Management
  • Former Public Affairs Director, Valladares Foundation
  • Education:
  • MPA, Public Administration, Florida International University, 1994
  • BA, Political Science, Florida International University, 1986
  • Other:
  • Born in New York City on Sep. 16, 1965
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    Pro & Con Quotes: Should the United States Maintain Its Embargo against Cuba?