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Alberto de la Cruz Biography

Managing Editor of Babalú Blog
Pro to the question "Should the United States Maintain Its Embargo against Cuba?"

“[T]he US embargo is the only leverage the US has against the Castro dictatorship. As history indicates, the countries that have normalized relations and business dealings with the Castro government are severely limited in their ability to demand respect for human rights on the island. When these countries have attempted to pressure the Cuban dictatorship into stopping their repressive tactics, their economic interests on the island are immediately threatened. Therefore, their decision to promote respect for human rights in Cuba ceases to be a moral one and becomes an economic decision instead. Since, because of the embargo, the US has zero investments on the island that can be threatened, it can maintain its firm stance on human rights and democracy for the Cuban people.”

Janine Mendes-Franco, “Cuba, USA: Blogger Perspectives on the Embargo’s 50th Anniversary (Part 1),”, Feb. 29, 2012

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