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Last updated on: 9/12/2016 11:42:56 AM PST

Should the United States Maintain Its Embargo against Cuba?

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PRO (yes) Comments (24)

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  • +19 +30 -11 Vahe Demirjian Jan. 17, 2014
    "I highly doubt that dismantling the trade embargo would sway Cuba to adopt multiparty democracy because US trade with China has failed to get Chinese leaders to adopt a multiparty system, in light of Chinese President Xi Jinping's comments that the Soviet Union collapsed because the Communist Party strayed far from ideological orthodoxy and that adhering to ideological orthodoxy is crucial to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from collapsing. Although tourist apartheid was abolished in 2008 and Cubans themselves can now own private businesses and buy and sell autos and houses and travel abroad without permission, lifting the embargo will give the regime enough resources to smash the opposition, potentially staining Cuba's beaches and pristine waters with the blood of members of the Ladies in White."
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  • +10 +10 0 Madelyn Feb. 12, 2017
    "Lifting the embargo makes the US look noncommittal and, yes, weak. It would give the Cuban government more funds with which to maintain an oversized military and complete control over the country. Failing to maintain the embargo is helping a regime abuse its power and its people. Maybe in some time, when more Cuban citizens own private businesses, it will be safe to end the embargo, but not today. Today we need to do what is necessary to help the people of Cuba, and that is to maintain the embargo and continue sending much needed aid."
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  • +10 +26 -16 Lola Nov. 12, 2013
    "Observation I (one): Cuba has not met the conditions required to lift the Embargo.

    (Sub point) A. Proclamation 3447 signed by President Kennedy on Feb. 3, 1962, established the embargo against Cuba to reduce "the threat posed by its alignment with the communist powers." The embargo was strengthened by the 1992 Cuban Democracy Act, and the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996 (also known as Helms-Burton) which specified conditions for terminating the embargo.

    (Sub point) B. According to US law, Cuba must legalize all political activity, release all political prisoners, commit to free and fair elections in the transition to representative democracy, grant freedom to the press, respect internationally recognized human rights, and allow labor unions. Since Cuba has not met these conditions, the embargo should not be lifted."
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    • -1 0 -1 George Jan. 4, 2014
      "We can not possibly expect to have Cuba welcome and embrace our ideals if, for the last 150 years, we have been the source of the majority of the suffering and poverty in the nation. Let's first look at the reason communism even was able to develop in Cuba:

      Cuba was initially controlled by Spain, until the late 19th century, when Cuban rebels overthrew their Spanish rulers. The US still wanted to maintain power over Cuba, especially because it was lucrative for US businesses to grow cash crops there. As a result, the Cuban people removed one tyrannical power, Spain, only to have another, the US control them. The US did not allow Cuba to pass any legislation without its approval, and thus the Cuban government was not able to place restrictions on the ruthless US corporations which bought up all of the arable Cuban land and forced Cuba's citizens to work for below minimum wage. Thus, the ground became set for a communist uprising, because the the tyrannical rule of the US in Cuba gave Cubans a bad impression of capitalism and US influence. The embargo only furthers this poor impression, and if we ever hope to have Cuba embrace our ideals, it is vital that we establish a friendship with the island, by lifting the embargo."
  • +8 +13 -5 Krackatoa Dec. 18, 2014
    "What have we actually gained for the Cuban People by lifting the embargo? Has the Cuban Govt. stated that based on this embargo being lifted they will now do X? or Y? ...No, they have not. There will be no net effect for the Cuban people that are truly impacted by this regime."
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  • +6 +9 -3 Serena Vanderwoodsen Dec. 8, 2014
    "We shouldnt lift the embargo because Cuba hasnt meet our standards and it would make the US seem weak."
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  • +6 +14 -8 The Viking Sep. 23, 2014
    "I believe that the sanctions should remain in place. If Cuba had any interest in getting the sanctions lifted, they should have fulfilled the requirements set fifty-two years ago when they were put in place. I actually have to use this topic as part of a speech in my Debate class and I have to say that this website has helped me immensely to prove my point. Our opposition shall be crushed! #Winning #LikeABoss"
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  • +5 +11 -6 Kevin Jan. 30, 2014
    "It applys pressure on the cuban government to improve human rights"
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    • -1 0 -1 Marie Nov. 1, 2016
      "We've been using the embargo to apply pressure on Cuba for 50+ years now and not only has that not worked, but it makes the US look like a*******."
  • +4 +9 -5 larry Apr. 13, 2014
    "Cuba is a communist country with bad choices info deductions and the U.S should not get involved"
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  • +4 +11 -7 Asha P Mar. 6, 2014
    "We should not lift the embargo. As twisted and twined as our history is with Cuba, everything needs to be untwined slowly. Preferably, when the Castro regime dies. Cuba is a beautiful place (culture, land, and people). When the safety of any US citizen is at risk, measures should be taken to prevent. I have a place in my heart for all the people who have died as a direct result of the embargo. Change must come within Cuba. Help is on standby. It is not our place to tell Cuba how to run their government, however, the embargo was and is a way to ensure that the Cuba is distanced from the US. Would you want to sell your puppy to a dog-fighting farm? No, you would keep your distance and make sure that none of your resources would help the farm. While we can tell them they cannot treat people the way they do over in Cuba, they do not have to listen. Do what you want while I wait for the white flag. Cuba will change if the embargo is lifted. Main streets will become industrialized (like elsewhere), culture will begin to fade, and population will begin to rise. Leave Cuba alone until Cuba calls."
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  • +4 +23 -19 DeVita May. 3, 2013
    "I think we should maintain the embargo to protect the people and environment of Cuba. Now, times are hard and the Cuban people suffer poverty. Poverty under capitalism is worse. If the embargo were lifted Cuba would be a colony of Florida and the gulf states, and the ceaseless exploration for oil and minerals and cheap labor would overtake the beautiful island. For the sake of Cuba, keep Americans out."
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    • 0 0 0 Austin Johnson Jan. 13, 2014
      "Reread the document and come back with a better response."
    • 0 0 0 JT (USMCaviator) Nov. 20, 2013
      "Umm... no. Cuba is a sovereign state and the embargo is purely economic. As for capitalism causing this, the whole point of the embargo was to make the people accept capitalism. As for the poverty, the embargo is only making it worse. If we were to try to colonize Cuba, the geopolitical backlash would be devestating, to say the least.

      If you want to protect Cuba and Cubans, we must lift the embargo."
    • -1 +3 -4 [email protected] Jun. 4, 2013
      "Beautuful island? How would you know? You can't travel there to see it!
      Part of the beauty of Cuba is its people, and the empoverishment that they suffer largely because of the embargo isn't beautiful at all.
      The crumbling facade of centuries old treasures could be restored, if not for the effects of the embargo.
      You oppose cheap labor for Cubans, versus what? Unemployment?
      You want to protrect the Cuban environment?
      That's Cubans' responsibility. How about instead of worrying about Cuba's, protect America's?
      Puerto Rico is already a "colony" of the US. I don't see where it's hurt them much!
      Keep Americans out? How many countries in the world are Americans restricted from traveling to?"
  • +2 +5 -3 Peter H. Pigott Mar. 23, 2015
    "The blockade should be lifted immediately .it has done little else but kept eleven million people in poverty.i have just returned from CUBA (15/03/2015) it is disgraceful the The land of the free have done this to so many people.Lift it now"
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  • +2 +8 -6 andrea Feb. 12, 2015
    "The embargo should stay. The embargo was put there to help give the citizens in Cuba a better life. until that happens the embargo should stay"
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  • +1 +2 -1 RC Jul. 6, 2016
    "-Cuba refuses to turn over convicted murderers and terrorists. Lieft the embargo once they agree to extradition or create a new haven for criminals."
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  • 0 +2 -2 Andy Gold Mar. 22, 2016
    "No they don't deserve to have the embargo lifted. Cuba opened its doors to what was almost the start of WWIII! Why should we give them the right to do business with us. Over the last 40 years there have been several attempts by the our US presidents to lighten the restrictions on Cube and what happened, the Castro Regime has had bitter aggressive responses. They have survived with out free trade for 50+ years and can keep taking the punishment for those Pro nuclear Holocaust actions! Hell with Cuba!"
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  • 0 +1 -1 Mohay Rix Jan. 1, 2016
    "It is about time that an antiquated law was repealed."
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  • 0 +11 -11 Lourdes Campos Feb. 11, 2014
    "My father was killed for no reason at all, I was 4 months old, my sister 1.5 and my brother 4. Castro had him killed in a firing squad and left at Arroyo Blanco, without a head stone and buried in a hole with 12 others, including a pregnant woman."
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  • -1 +6 -7 Zak Rein Feb. 11, 2015
    "to be honesty I just really hope we get Cuban cigars"
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  • -1 +2 -3 icwener Jan. 28, 2015
    "I think it is a good thing we finaly will begin to trade with them because now we can get cuba cegars and sugar and tobaco will be cheaper."
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  • -1 +4 -5 Frank Amato Jan. 18, 2015
    "Yes the United States should maintain Its embargo against Cuba. It's much too early to reconsider it. If a person steals from me and doesn't pay me back than it will be a long time before he can become my friend. I grew up in New Jersey where I had Cuban friends and after 50 years and living in Italy I still remember their words of how they were robbed."
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  • -1 +3 -4 mike hunt Dec. 3, 2014
    "I think it would be great to lift the Embargo on Cuba, this way the people will finally realize, the embargo means nothing, aside from government officials, CUBA has no money, and the Castro regime will be out off excuses once and for all , that is why any time USA mentions of relaxing the Embargo, they do something so the Embargo stays.
    the people do not realize Cuba can do business with other places around the world , USA is not the only country , producing, corn, milk ,wheat, meat ,vegetables, wood , water, paper, nails ,hammers, .
    once the people realize the truth their will be hell running loose , and the people will finally get free. what gets me is that every single CUBAN in the USA today know this , half have been in the CUBAN army , and going around the world like AFRICA, they know CUBA is broke can not call ARGENTINA for a ton of BEEF because they can not pay the same with all other countries and products."
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  • -1 +8 -9 Gerald Shurman Jan. 27, 2014
    "America needs to be seen as tough, not scrawny little sissies"
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  • -2 +4 -6 Carlo May. 12, 2014
    "It makes no sense: how many non-democratic countries exist in the world? Name few: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. Why aren't they under embargo?
    Even more, the embargo is unjustifiable from humanitarian point of view and gives the Cuban regime a formidable alibi to justify its shortcomings."
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  • -2 +19 -21 Matt Aug. 13, 2013
    "It will bring more money into America.. Plus, you can smoke a cuban cigar without it being illegal."
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    • +2 +2 0 JT (USMC aviator) Nov. 20, 2013
      "Really? Not only do you mess up the punctuation, but your most compelling argument is that we will be able to smoke Cuban cigars? Sir, you disgust me. What about the people of Cuba? You speak of it bringing money into the US (it actually costs us $1.2B - $4.8B per year) when the Cubans are stuck on government rations."
    • -3 +1 -4 Kennady Paige McAfee Sep. 16, 2013
      "America already has enough money. Stop being greedy!!!!"
  • -6 +16 -22 M Apr. 30, 2013
    "If we do lift it, then we put Castro in to a stronger government. Also there are ways to help Cuban citizens and still target their government with the embargo."
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    • -1 +2 -3 Kennady Paige Sep. 16, 2013
      "Yes if we lifted the embargo there will be more opportunities for Cuba but you have to understand that once the embargo is lifted, Cubans that have been in poverty for how ever long will come to America and depending on what the mind set of those people have our crime rates will rise and/or our poverty rate will rise because more people who cannot support themselves are in our country."
    • -1 +1 -2 juli Jun. 4, 2013
      "When did American citizens get the power to decide which countries' government to back?
      What other ways to help the populace do you have in mind?
      Have you seen how far VietNam has come since US normalyzed relation there?
      Now, that's how you help the people!"

CON (no) Comments (29)

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  • +26 +48 -22 JasonMcDonald May. 14, 2013
    "Lifting the Cuban Embargo would help us in many realms. It would not only help us economically, but it would also lift our hegemony and relations with other countries. Showing a lightened attitude towards communism will increase ties with China which we desperately need at this time."
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 Alex Mar. 21, 2014
      Internet is censored in China. People who oppose the government or "incite disorder" are easily executed. Police force is inhumanely brutal. How is China any better than Cuba? China is probably worse because they are affecting more people due to their high population. Yet we trade with them. Might as well lift the embargo."
    • +1 +4 -3 margo Nov. 24, 2013
      "You make it sound like we don't trade with anyone else. Why would one country hurt us. Fact: it doesn't. We've actually lost more money from them taking our property in Cuba then having the embargo. Just something for you and your 'improved' economy argument to think about. And how do you see supporting communism as a good thing? In what world do you live in? Do you want to repeat another hitler? The only reason we trade w/China is because they offer their people freedom of speech and other rights in their amendment. Cuba does not offer these rights, they jail people who try to speak out and brainwash those who agree and hate Americans."
  • +7 +34 -27 LillianMeyers May. 3, 2013
    "It is time for all good men and women of the US to stop this embargo. We do business with China and Russia for goodness sake..."
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    • +1 +1 0 Alex Mar. 21, 2014
      "Point taken. LIFT THE EMMBBARRRGGOO!!"
    • 0 0 0 To: Daniel P. Sep. 3, 2014
      "Iran and North Korea are only countries that do not accept US$ (dollars) thats why.."
    • -1 0 -1 Daniel P. Mar. 30, 2014
      "Good point, yet we don't do business with Iran or North Korea who are just as dangerous."
  • +6 +7 -1 Amilia Feb. 12, 2017
    "Putting Cuba through more economic hardship is doing no good for any involved party. It is giving the Cuban government a scapegoat for its economic failures and making it even less likely for people to support reform. Additionally, by ignoring what every other country has to say is sending a message of arrogance and stubbornness. Is that the kind of message that needs to be heard in a world struggling to be more open-minded and accepting? Can we afford, as a country claiming to be of good moral character, to destroy such an image with a decision that is against our own businesses and harming a close neighbor in need of our help? They do not have access to medicine and affordable goods taken for granted here, and while it is easy for us to argue that we are doing the right thing, Cubans may not agree. We say the embargo is best for them, but I feel people denied medical and nutritional goods for themselves and their children that are available to us would not share that view. We uphold values of equality, but we don't give Cubans an equal opportunity to live healthy lives? As Americans and America, as the "beacon on the hill", we have an obligation to end this embargo."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +15 -11 George Jan. 4, 2014
    "We can not possibly expect to have Cuba welcome and embrace our ideals if, for the last 150 years, we have been the source of the majority of the suffering and poverty in the nation. Let's first look at the reason communism even was able to develop in Cuba:

    Cuba was initially controlled by Spain, until the late 19th century, when Cuban rebels overthrew their Spanish rulers. The US still wanted to maintain power over Cuba, especially because it was lucrative for US businesses to grow cash crops there. As a result, the Cuban people removed one tyrannical power, Spain, only to have another, the US control them. The US did not allow Cuba to pass any legislation without its approval, and thus the Cuban government was not able to place restrictions on the ruthless US corporations which bought up all of the arable Cuban land and forced Cuba's citizens to work for below minimum wage. Thus, the ground became set for a communist uprising, because the the tyrannical rule of the US in Cuba gave Cubans a bad impression of capitalism and US influence. The embargo only furthers this poor impression, and if we ever hope to have Cuba embrace our ideals, it is vital that we establish a friendship with the island, by lifting the embargo."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 AEP Mar. 14, 2014
      "The embargo is against the government, not the people. We can become friends with the Cuban people by providing them with 710 million dollars worth of food, which has been done, paid full in cash. The is not much we can do while Castro is in power. Either we take him down now with everything we have or we let him finish what he started. Once his regime is over, Cuba will be revitalized and full of life. Cuba's people seeks the US for help. The government seeks other places like the past SU and Venezuela. They know we can help them but are being jailed constantly for speaking against the government. It is best we did not intervene without the intention of kicking some Castro butt."
  • +3 +12 -9 Teresa Camozzi Aug. 10, 2014
    "America must lift the embargo on Cuba. While President Obama has done much toward this effort, waiting any longer continues to harm the health and vitality of Cuban citizens.
    Having visited Cuba April 2014, for the first time, I was applaud by the lack of medical support for its people. Most obvious was dental care, medicine, and soap. Pharmaceuticals and even bandaids and aspirin were missing from drugstore shelves. I was asked repeatedly by strangers while I was walking in public, for soap or lotion. Children had skin discoloration from insect bites, teens lacked means to clean their skin and had blackheads on otherwise beautiful skin. Others post surgery had no pain relievers.
    Healthcare is a basic human right! While I understand the doctors in Cuba excel in training, they can do little for their patients without prescriptions that can be filled. These prescriptions can not be filled due to the Embargo, which must stop."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +24 -22 Bill Hoffman Jun. 13, 2013
    "You did not mention the human rights aspect of the way this particular set of sanctions works. Unlike sanctions against Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Burma, etc., the Cuba sanctions target Cubans as well as their government -- and not just those who live in Cuba. We block the assets of any individual, wherever they live or whatever citizenship they now have, if they were ever domiciled or a permanent resident of Cuba after July 7, 1963, or if Cuba ever treated them as a citizen after that date. Only a license from the US Treasury can lift that blocking and allow Americans to have "transactions" in these individuals' "property and property interests" -- like giving a gift to a Cuban-Spanish citizen in Spain, or eating at a Cuban-French citizen's restaurant in Paris. (See Title 31 of the US Code of Federal Regulations, Part 515 for the regulations.) The human rights abuses of this system are a stain on our government. If the embargo is retained, this part must go, and -- like other US sanctions -- we should make the program territorial, so that "Cuban nationals" when outside of Cuba, are not targeted by US sanctions. The best would be to lift the embargo, and watch Castro lose control!"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 John Dec. 2, 2016
    "The embargo has done nothing to help the Cuban people, nor has it helped to change a repressive regime. It is time to take a different approach, and to show the Cuban people that with our help, they can stand together against a horrible government. It is time for the Cuban people to over throw 50 plus years of oppression. For those of you who are paying tribute to Castro, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It's time for change!"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Rick May. 22, 2015
    "The historical case and point is Germany. The wall came down (their embargo) between East and West and look what happened. As a 7 year old, my father sacrificed almost everything (including his life) to leave a place that puts chains on freedoms to a place of freedom without chains. The embargo puts the chains back on! Americans should not be restricted from travel, restricted from doing business, restricted from making decisions how much to spend to eat or where to go. Is that not ironic! I thought slavery had ended in America. I thought we stood up to civil rights. The embargo is violating my rights as a Cuban American!!!"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Harry Sep. 30, 2015
      "Your premise is very wrong! The Berlin Wall came down because the communists were defeated, and the people pushed it to terminate their power. Everyone opposed the government of South Africa because of the Apartheid.Well, there's an Apartheid in Cuba and the worst of the Embargoes which is the one by the government of Cuba against its citizens"
  • 0 +1 -1 Pranav Feb. 8, 2017
    "Even if we get economic ties with Cuba, then the majority of the goods through commerce might be drugs, weapons, and other illicit objects."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +8 -8 Lola pike Apr. 7, 2014
    "I'm con because people can't get food or meds they need!"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +8 -8 Matthew Johnson Feb. 25, 2014
    "Truth be told, no. This isnt the cold war anymore. as a proud Cuban-American, i say that it is idiotic to ignore an opprotunity at diplomatic relations with a country of influence and vast natural resources like cuba. not to mention the trade benefits of tourism to havanna. Cuba also has large copper mines we could exploit to our advantage, amongst other things. The Cold War is over. Shouldnt its conflicts be too? I have a cousin on the eastern side of the country trying to make it out right now. He cant until these stupid sanctions are relieved, as he is not able bodied enough to make it off the island without help. Cuba could be valueable to us. lets use them."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +2 -3 roger Feb. 23, 2016
    "No because we could use Cubas help"
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +7 -8 sammy Nov. 11, 2014
    "The Russians don't need Cuba to put their Nucs on they can just use their submarines"
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +7 -8 Tomas Oct. 19, 2014
    "The sooner it is lifted the sooner the Castro's will have to leave. The embargo props up what's left of the aging regime and allows them to continue to use the U.S. government as the excuse for all their failings and corruption."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +8 -9 Ramon Pages Apr. 28, 2014
    "US government needs to lift the Embargo against Cuba now. US base in Guantanamo Bay violates humans rights everyday, they torture prisoners and Cuba doesn't want them there but they remain in there anyway. The best part is US accuse Cuba of violating human rights. China violates human rights many times but is convenient for USA to not look at that to continue to do business with them. What crime Cuba committed? nationalized US properties that's all. How about Vietnam who kill thousands of Americans but they forgive them, I just don't get it. The UN for the 22nd consecutive year voted to end the embargo against Cuba, by a vote 188-2. The majority of Cubans-Americans want the embargo to end. Enough said!"
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +6 -7 D. Menzies Apr. 10, 2014
    "You have asked how I found your site. There has been a article in the UK magazine the Economist. I looked up the Embargo on my site. There you were hence my reply. I am not in favour of it as it is utter hiprocy. Visitors to Cuba on tours do not need to have their passports stamped by the Cubans only if you ask for it. Americans fly to Cuba on holiday via Canada. The regime that proceeded Castro, Barista were a gang of thugs. As I said I was in Cuba in 1959 on an oil tanker as an Apprentice, when Castro, without a shot being fired took over the Shell Refinery.
    My wife & I paid 3 visits there on holiday in the early 2000s.The people are nice & friendly & we had a great time.
    What is America afraid of. Peace is better than hammering the Afgans with Drone attacks for example. Then there is the issyue of shipping which I know a bit about. If say a cruise liner , leaves Miami, & goes to say Havana, it cant go back to an American port- pathetic. Our last trip was on a cruise visiting Santiago, we did not touch America for that reason. It would be nice if the nations spoke to one another, but drones, spying seem to be theway that it's done these days."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +5 -6 Jan Feb. 10, 2014
    "I believe the embargo exists because after the revolution Cuba nationalized business interests including US businesses. It's all about money, not human rights"
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +8 -9 Austin Johnson Jan. 13, 2014
    ""No, the embargo against Cuba does not help the economy for the U.S. or the Cubans, lifting the embargo would allow the U.S. to promote democracy and regulate trade with a communist nation""
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +13 -14 Gwen Oct. 20, 2013
    "We should lift the embargo with Cuba for many reasons. One, currently, Cubans are denied critical US pharmaceuticals that could massively help their society, like the amplatzer device, which could avoid open heart surgery. Also, we would give people who are Anti-American a reason for liking us, as we are leading human rights in a good direction. Some say that the embargo with Cuba is harming their human rights, so if we lifted this embargo, we would be helping human rights in Cuba."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +1 -1 Paige Sep. 8, 2014
      "Actually Margo, things like, as Gwen mentioned, the Amplatzer device and Temodar, cannot be traded with Cuba. Even a German-Made device that could definitely help the Cubans is banned from Cuba because it contains parts that were made inside the states. So, no, these things have not been legal in 1992 or there after. Secondly, though Americans may have not been liked by Fidel Castro, there certainly has been good reason. Because of this embargo, we are giving Castro and excuse or scapegoat for everything that he does to his poor citizens. We should lift the embargo to help the Cubans and not to help Castro. Besides, if we lift the embargo, Castro may appreciate the United States and trust us more if we help them out by lifting the embargo. The bottom line here is that we need to lift the embargo with Cuba."
    • 0 +3 -3 margo Nov. 24, 2013
      "You're absolutely misinformed and it sickens me that four other people who liked this are too. Purchases of medical supplies have been legal since 1992. The Cubans don't trust American products. The Cubans do not like Americans. Simply put, they do not want to trade with us.
      And the fact that we want to be helping human rights is why we need to leave the embargo. The embargo is leverage saying that we will help you 100% if you give your people the right to freedom, speech, elections, and so on."
  • -2 +7 -9 Mirta Dec. 18, 2014
    "There are countless reasons why the embargo makes sense, not the least of which is that the only ones who have been held hostage to poverty, lack, and inability to move forward with the rest of the world are the Cuban people, certainly not the Cuban elite, who have access to everything, including money,health care, goods, and freedom. Isn't that obvious to anyone with a half a brain. Obviously 53 of a failed policy should make it excessively obvious that it's a prehistoric, stubborn, and stupid way of being a bully and not being capable of achieving the embargo's objective. Move on!
    A Cuban-American in Miami"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +4 -6 alex from target Dec. 8, 2014
    "IT is bad because it is lessening resources from both the U.S and Cuba, it is kind of pointless and it doesn't really help either of the two contries"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +6 -8 paul kangas Nov. 24, 2014
    "I am a USN veteran of the Bay of Pigs. I believe that if JFK had lived, there would not be an embargo today.
    I worked with the CIA agents who invaded Cuba: Geo. HW Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Nixon etc. They were so angry because they lost. They blamed JFK.
    After the BoP, the same CIA agents who had done the BoP, were photographed in Dallas, 11-22-63, shooting JFK. The Bush CIA killed JFK! Bush, Hunt, Sturgis & Nixon were all in Dallas. The CIA took over the US & then killed RFK. The JFK assassins, Hunt, Sturgis, etc. were arrested at the Watergate trying to destroy photos from Dallas.
    The CIA only maintain the Blockade because Cuba defeated US imperialism, with the help of JFK. Cuba has the support of the majority of the governments of the world. If the US was not a CIA dictatorship we would end the blockade. If the US was a democracy we would end the blockade.
    My son is now in college in Cuba, studying to become a doctor.
    My son now has free medical care, free education and a job."
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  • -3 +8 -11 Gordon Morey Nov. 19, 2013
    "Having just returned from Cuba on a Yale sponsored people to people tour I am ashamed that our government not only keeps an embargo in place which hurts only the people of Cuba but puts pressure on our allies to act accordingly. We behave like a bully. The magnificent architecture of Havana, which cannot be replaced, is crumbling at an alarming rate. Cuba, historically, was strategically important to the U. S. and still is. It's past time to end this petulant behavior and restore relations with a neighbor that warmly embraces Americans. There are no relevant arguments any longer for maintaining the embargo. Everyone is aware that Cuban Americans have been a primary force behind the embargo but 50 years later we need to put aside personal vendettas and behave responsibly and humanely. It will be to our benefit as well as theirs."
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    • +1 +1 0 LOURDES VALDES Feb. 11, 2014
      "It is obvious, you were a visitor. Your family did not suffer at the hand of those monsters. They embrace Americans visiting because of the money they bring to the island. They are COMMUNISTS! It is not about personal vendettas it is about our father, cousins, brothers, etc. being killed for no reason at all. KEEP the EMBARGO!"
  • -4 +4 -8 Rick Drew Sep. 15, 2014
    "We do not even have an embargo against the People Republic of Vietnam, my suits were made there. Why would we continue this terrible embargo against our neighbors. I was there last month and all these people need is a taste of prosperity to free themselves."
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  • -4 +7 -11 CD Jan. 16, 2014
    "It is hypocritical, it is cruel, it is un-American"
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  • -4 +6 -10 Brian C Marsico Nov. 29, 2013
    "This embargo is devotedly archaic holding no real reason or purpose to be continued. Just free Cuba and when they are more free, perhaps they will choose on their own to transition into democracy."
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  • -6 +4 -10 GAYMARRIAGE Jan. 15, 2014
    "There is a way better way to pursuit the Cuban interesrttttttttttttr"
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  • -7 +10 -17 Glenn Jun. 23, 2013
    "No the U.S. shouldn't maintain its embargo against Cuba. It hasn't worked in 50 years, why would it work now? What the U.S. should do is repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/08/us-usa-immigration-cuba-idUSBRE9170F920130208"
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  • -17 +8 -25 Virgilio Aug. 4, 2013
    "Only those who make money such as the republicans win with this facade families are suffering due to the greed of these politicians."
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